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About Me

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My name is Jennifer Ipsan.

I am a full-time video producer and marketing manager at

WDRB NEWS in Louisville, KY.

Wedding videography has been my side hustle and

(one of my several) passions for 10 years. 

Aside from the wedding & news industries,

I am a freelance videographer.

I have experience directing, choreographing and

producing music videos, creating and

managing social media content, and

producing commercials for local businesses. 

I love traveling around the world and

learning new cultures, taking care of my farm animals,

watching motorsports of any kind (esp. NHRA and F1),

camping, cheering on horse races at Churchill Downs,

and helping people tell their stories through my cinematography.

Video Reel

Music Video

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Social Media

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Social Media

More Coming Soon...

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